Monday, June 9, 2014


     It is absolutely CRAZY to be sitting here, formulating, my last few paragraphs concerning this project. It has truly been an amazing year for English, and I am extremely lucky to have gotten randomly assigned to the class I did. Thank you computer for being so perfectly random. 
    My opinion of 20 time would for sure lean towards the positive end of the spectrum. 20 time is one of the most amazing projects one could be assigned because it leaves room for the creative mind to run free. Based on my experiences I have learned valuable life lessons that some may never experience because the simply won't be offered the opportunity to do so. Therefor, I am eternally grateful that I have been able to be a part of such a genius concept. 
     Although, I love that you can put as much effort into your project as you like, I believe that we should be pushed harder to achieve those goals in our project. Instead of setting a goal for the entire year, I think that every month students should set a certain goal for themselves to achieve by the end of the month. This way, you are not swallowed by the enormity of the project and you can have some drive to reach that goal. 
      Some may very much disagree with me on this one, but 20 time blog posts should be due every week. A blog post a week is not outrageous, and it allows the student to take some serious rime and think about their project. If we are given 20% of our time to work on this then we shouldn't waste it that specific week that a blog post isn't due. 
    20 Time is something that more students should do in school because it allows students to do amazing things via their passions and creativity. It allows kids to get inspired, as well as push for their goals. 
     Advice for next years students would be to pick something you love or pick something you can be driven about or even push yourself out of your comfort zone. The best way to success is to prosper in something you know you worked hard on. 

Thursday, May 29, 2014


    This past week I finished my power point. It's a lot simpler than I thought it was going to be. I expected my slide to be informational, but I decided that I would just use the color and small piece of information to spark my speech. The original intention of my speech was to be about success and it's one dimensional principals in today's society, but I had a sudden change of heart/mind. I realized that what I had learned from my project wasn't about "do something you are passionate about", but it was "don't limit yourself to your passions because that is not true success." To me, this is an amazing revelation because this is a lesson that stops in the classroom or this year. This is moral fiber I was connect with for the rest of my life. 
    I will be presenting my speech on Wednesday. I am nervous, but excited. It's funny because I will psych myself out, and then remember that I LOVE TO TALK... AND IN FRONT OF PEOPLE. I don't believe that it's due to liking attention, I believe that it is because I love to share. I love to share food, clothing, blankets, and my ideas. I take back the blanket part... I don't specifically like to share those. 
    I think this may be one of my last blog posts... Weird, considering I remember writing my first one...

Sunday, May 11, 2014


   These past weeks I have been working on my speech and PowerPoint presentation. I've got about three of my slides done so far. I haven't really been correlating a speech with my power points because I haven't decided whether or not I should do that. I don't nessecarily want to wing-it, but I do best when I haven't over worked a presentation. I will try to construct talking points into my PowerPoint and little signals I can design into it without making it an eye sore and a cluttered presentation. I want to make my PowerPoint fresh and tighty, but interesting. I have concluded that on each of my slides there will either be a picture or a quote. I have invisioned how all of my slides will look, now I just have put that on my document. 
    I'm very excited to talk. I love speaking in front of people. Which is a little bit ironic considering most people would never guess that a high school student would ever be interested in talking infront of a large group of people, and run the risk of possibly embarrassing themselves. I enjoy it so much because for one, I love to talk, and second, I get very excited. Practically because I am nervous, but mostly because I like that reactions I get in turn.
    It's crazy to think 8 months go our teacher was just explaining this project, and now I am explaining to you how I'm going to finish it. 

Sunday, April 27, 2014


  By this time in our project I should be wrapping up my power point presentation. I began my power point with a slide representing my original goals and ideas. Although I should have It done, I've been in South Carolina for the past week and a half and I haven't been able to work on it. 
   This spring break I decided to just relax completely and not really worry about my project. I plan on completing my project this week. 

Monday, April 7, 2014


    This week during in-class 20 time, eveyone gave a preview of their 20 time talk at the end of the year. It was pretty interesting to see what everyone has workered on, and how they are applying it to their speech.
    Our speech is broken up into three parts, and each part represents what we should have accomplished through our project as well as our analysis. I personally, mostly have an analysis. Although this speech is going to be tedious and hard, it is a perfect way to reflect on what I learned. This specific assignment is a good example of what assignments should be like. This assignment allows students to be creative and allocate thoughts on their own from personal experiences and situations. This class is a perfect solution to an on going problem in our education system. It is my belief that if more classes were like this one, you would see more successful children. By successful I mean, happier, more intelligent, more self driven students, as well as more active participation. This specifically, is a topic I would like to talk about in my speech a lot as a solution to the problem. 

Sunday, March 23, 2014


    Recently, I have been working on my presentation for the end of the year. My speech is beginning to form and I think I'm going to talk about 'failure', and 'success', and the 'American Dream' in modern American culture. As well as creativity. I'm going to discuss the fear of failure, which has been implemented on students through standardized testing, learning environments, and teaching methods. I would really like to touch on how we base our lives on trying to achieve success verse true happiness or self prosperity. These topics pertain to my project because this specific project has taught me that failure is inevitable, and success is shallow and one dimensional. Instead of focusing on true happiness, our culture focuses on success, which is very parochial. We have programed ourselves to have tunnel vision, and create a void between logical thinking and creative thinking. That is extremely restricting on one's mind because if we all thought logically, ideas would be very empty and flat.
    Through 20 time, I was given an opportunity to learn in a more creative way that allowed my to bring some originality into my literature experience. Although it was difficult, I have learned a lot. This idea about my speech may not be set in stone because if I know my class like I do, someone else will be projecting the same exact idea. I would like to keep some originality and freshness to my speech, so that may become a conflict.

Sunday, March 9, 2014


It is absolutely crazy that it has been 21 weeks since my first blog post. Time has absolutely flown by. I can honestly say that it feels like yesterday I was four years old knocking the cantaloupe off the counter so I could see it crack open and splatter everywhere. Truthfully, the weak has been extremely hectic, so I haven't even once thought about my project. This entire week has completely focused on my research paper and lacrosse. I honestly don't have a thing to converse about other than what's already present on my blog. Next, next week will be killer though.