Monday, April 7, 2014


    This week during in-class 20 time, eveyone gave a preview of their 20 time talk at the end of the year. It was pretty interesting to see what everyone has workered on, and how they are applying it to their speech.
    Our speech is broken up into three parts, and each part represents what we should have accomplished through our project as well as our analysis. I personally, mostly have an analysis. Although this speech is going to be tedious and hard, it is a perfect way to reflect on what I learned. This specific assignment is a good example of what assignments should be like. This assignment allows students to be creative and allocate thoughts on their own from personal experiences and situations. This class is a perfect solution to an on going problem in our education system. It is my belief that if more classes were like this one, you would see more successful children. By successful I mean, happier, more intelligent, more self driven students, as well as more active participation. This specifically, is a topic I would like to talk about in my speech a lot as a solution to the problem. 

Sunday, March 23, 2014


    Recently, I have been working on my presentation for the end of the year. My speech is beginning to form and I think I'm going to talk about 'failure', and 'success', and the 'American Dream' in modern American culture. As well as creativity. I'm going to discuss the fear of failure, which has been implemented on students through standardized testing, learning environments, and teaching methods. I would really like to touch on how we base our lives on trying to achieve success verse true happiness or self prosperity. These topics pertain to my project because this specific project has taught me that failure is inevitable, and success is shallow and one dimensional. Instead of focusing on true happiness, our culture focuses on success, which is very parochial. We have programed ourselves to have tunnel vision, and create a void between logical thinking and creative thinking. That is extremely restricting on one's mind because if we all thought logically, ideas would be very empty and flat.
    Through 20 time, I was given an opportunity to learn in a more creative way that allowed my to bring some originality into my literature experience. Although it was difficult, I have learned a lot. This idea about my speech may not be set in stone because if I know my class like I do, someone else will be projecting the same exact idea. I would like to keep some originality and freshness to my speech, so that may become a conflict.

Sunday, March 9, 2014


It is absolutely crazy that it has been 21 weeks since my first blog post. Time has absolutely flown by. I can honestly say that it feels like yesterday I was four years old knocking the cantaloupe off the counter so I could see it crack open and splatter everywhere. Truthfully, the weak has been extremely hectic, so I haven't even once thought about my project. This entire week has completely focused on my research paper and lacrosse. I honestly don't have a thing to converse about other than what's already present on my blog. Next, next week will be killer though.

Monday, March 3, 2014


        This week we were address in class we were asked to answer three questions. What do you like about 20 Time? What do you not like about 20 Time? What would you have done differently?
         I love 20 time. Although, I may not entirely focus on my project all the time, it is an amazing idea. Since we started 20 time, I have discovered a new passion of blogging. Having this projected has allowed my to explore that passion, and allocate myself into trying new things. Not that I am not usually open to new things, but blogging for a class grade is definitely a new thing. What's cool about 20 time is that it allows you to be creative and imaginative. I really like that 20 time incorporates a new style of learning. I am always stressing how much I love new types of learning verses tradition learning. It is important to give kids multiple styles of learning because we are all different and traditional learning styles aren't always going to be everyone's learning environment. 20 time reflects that ideology because it allows kids to be creative while learning. 
         There are really only a few things I don't like about 20 time. Since we have the whole year to do and complete the project, it is hard to set goals and stay on track. Another dislike I have about 20 time is the stress. Personally, it's mostly about completing my project and the presentation at the beginning of the year, but otherwise 20 time is very relaxed. 
        For the future, I would've have set affirmative goals to stay on track and pick a more reasonable project to match my time availability. Due to all of my extra curriculars and other classes, picking a project like this was extremely tough to complete with all of the time constraints. 

- sorry for the late post... Things slip a young mind once and a while. 

Sunday, February 23, 2014


      A graduate student/first grade teacher from University of Saint Joseph has been assigned to my blog this semester. I am really interested and look forward to collaborating with her. Hopefully we can both learn from one another during this time... two minds are better than one. It is really cool to be able to share ideas with a college student from Connecticut! The technology that we (my class) have access to every day is incredible, and changes what would be an ordinary learning environment, to a classroom with multiple techniques of learning. I am extremely grateful. One of her comments/questions she has was:

"I am curious as to what made you so motivated to choose a project with a charitable aspect? Did you find it harder than a traditional project to complete?" -Jennifer (graduate student at USJ)

My Reply:

"Hey Jennifer! Sorry for the lack of response, but I just noticed the comments... This project in particular has been more challenging verses a traditional one because this one required more outside and creative thinking rather than a conventional project, where as, I would have a given topic. My motives to choose a project promoting a charity truly are based on self interest. I wish I could give you a beautiful answer where I deliver to you an inspirational reason that you can share with your class, but the truth is I thought it would look good on a college application. Although, I am extremely passionate about the environment and gay rights, what drove me to choose this project was college. I'm sure there are many kids who will give you fluff as to why they chose the project they chose, but if I know our generating as well as I make it out to seem, I'm sure a primary reason was college. The pressure to get into college is extremely high, and we are all definitely feeling the pressure on." - Ryley (Myself)

I'm really glad she asked that specific question because it gave me a chance to think about what motivates me, I hope that me being candid allows her to complete her assignment to the best of abilities. 

Sunday, February 9, 2014


     Our teachers has been suggesting that use our 20 time class period to start working on our presentation in June. Our presentation has to be 8-12 minutes long. It consists of a power with an oral presentation. You cannot have note cards while giving your presentation or any kind of paper. The only thing that you can used for talking points is the power point. Now that I'm actually writing this down, I'm actually starting to realize how long it's going to take to prepare for this. I'm kind of lucky though because I'm very good at presenting and just going with the flow and actually speaking to the audience when I'm presenting. There'll be a few kids from each class that will be able to present their projects at the tedX event that my school is hosting based on these projects. This event will be streamed internationally on the tedX website, but NO PRESSURE.
         I'll probably do my presentation on something a little bit deeper than my project it self. I'll most likely speak about failure and the failures one may encounter while creating a project like this. Or what motivates a kid to choose a project like the one I chose. I think that when kids choose something with a charitable aspect behind it, it probably has a lot to do with college. I'm not saying it does for every kid, but it looks pretty flipping nice on a college application that you started a charitable business of some sort.

Sunday, February 2, 2014


   Since my last post, I haven't accomplished much regarding my project. Throughout this entire week, I have been preparing for a mock trial in my english class. This trial has been extremely time consuming, yet worth all the long hours, and excruciating brain farts that accompanied it. The mock trial was based on the novel, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, by American novelist, Mark Twain. The mock trial was provoked by whether Mark Twains intentions were to satirize racism, or whether Mark Twain's book was a direct reflection on whether or not Mark Twain is racist himself. I was assigned to the prosecution team. Our job was to convict Mark Twain of racism. Which was extremely difficult considering Mark Twain was no way shape or form a racist. His novel is pure satire created to emphasize the hypocrisy of 19th century society, and question the reader's morals. Although we had the hardest point to prove, we killed it. I was extremely happy with our team and our preformence. In conclusion, Mark Twain was found innocent. I may be a little biased considering I was a prosecuting lawyer, but I do not agree with the verdict. A verdict is a verdict, so there's not much I can do about it.